- of the shipping industry

We are all effected by the polluted air we inhale, the harmed biodiversity of our oceans that we depend upon to feed our growing population, and global warming which is a direct treat for existence of many spices including humans.

The shipping industry strongly contributes to worsen the situation and it is desperately seeking for DISRUPTIVE solutions that can lead to a more sustainable path.

This website describes a solution on how to conduct maritime transport, with zero emissions, no harm to our oceans and inland water without compromising on transit time or costs.

Most of the data has been presented to the shipping industry and others, all the way to government level and most agrees on the potential, but also acknowledges that this concept will disrupt the shipping industry in a way that will endanger most of the current businesses, why the industry is not ready for it …… yet!

Are we only talking about disruption, or are we really seeking it?