2023 05 Joint Industry Project
During 2022 we have been in contact with all major shipowners and experienced great dialogues but no willingness to engage. We will not lower our ambition level to fit today’s business models, and we stand by the disruptive character of this project. We now pinpoint cargo owners with sustainability high on their agenda and invite them onboard.

2022 08 Joint Industry Project
We invite partners from the industry to join a Joint Industry Project, the most ambitious Zero Emission Ship project worldwide.

2021 12 Improved hull design
Due to the results from our Proff of Concept study, we can conclude that the performance of our 2021 design will allow shipping to go 100% zero emission. We have now further improved the aerodynamics, allowing us to compromise slightly on the aerodynamics allowing us increase our volume significantly.

2020 09 Article in Søfart
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2020 08 New advisory board members
We welcome Morten Wedel and Stig Staghøj Knudsen as members of our Advisory Board

2020 03 Front cover of MEGA TRENDS
We did not buy the publishing rights for this content, but is has also some fine illustrations of ours inside the magazine.

2020 02 Going for Blue
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2020 02 We welcome Conor Fürstenberg Stott as member of our advisory board.

2019 11 Proof of concept completed
A proof of concept, was carried with the assistance form Danish Technical University (Denmark), Caponneotto Hueber (Spain) and Force Technology (Denmark), with great results. DTU wind improved the original wing design and achieved a 46% improvement of the wing performance. Caponnetto Hueber did hull modifications the CFD’s. Force Tehchnology did some assessments with new hull designs.

2018 11 Article by Naya Olmer
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2018 09 Founding for our Proof of Concept We received our first funding form The Danish Maritime Found

2018 05 Applying the Danish Maritime Found.

2018 01 We welcome Hans Otto Kristensen as member of our advisory Board

2018 01 Applying the Danish Maritime Found, but no founding granted.

2017 09 Establishing of Blue Technology Advisory Board: Lars Robert Pedersen, Henrik O. Madsen, Niels Bjørn Mortensen, Sofia Fürstenberg, Jan Otto de Kat, Søren Vinther Hansen

2016 10 The Dream (an article in the danish magazine Søfart)
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2016 06 SMM Hamburg (Brian Boserup participated and had a micro stand together with IWSA

2010 – 2016 Tackling the hurdles of the wing technology and converting ideas and visions into concepts.

2010 08 3D designer Lars Roug joins and he is behind the ship illustration of this WEB

2008 12 Startup of the Blue Technology Think Tank, established by Brian Boserup.

The ambition of Blue Technology is to develop solutions which eliminate many of today’s challenges and help the maritime industry on to a truly sustainable path.

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